Sunday, 10 July 2016

Which migration agent did we use?

hi there, came across your blog while searching for migration cost. the costing table above did not indicate agent fee. may i know which agent you went to? 

No agent was involved. Agent fee = $0.00

will you withdraw all your cpf money one day and buy a house in aussie instead?

Already bought a house. We can probably pay it off in full by next year, without the need for any CPF injection. But yeah, we will probably withdraw our CPF asap anyway, and consider buying another place to cut the commute/invest etc...

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  1. Hello, Im Wesley and Im from India. I have been reading your blog and it makes me feel hopeful about my immigration journey. I just have a few question and would appreciate if you could help me out here. How long did it take for you to receive your AITSL assessment result. Its been almost two months since they received my application. Also, will they notify me about the results via email or only post? It would take three weeks if they send it through post (imagine the state of my nerves), also is there a way to call and find out the outcome?
    Thanks a lot in advance!