Sunday, 10 July 2016

Choice of suburbs

You mentioned that your friend gave you a list of suburbs to avoid, and those which were desirable. Would you be so kind as to share that information? It would be really helpful, as we are looking at prospective places to rent/settle down in. Thanks in advance! Hope you're doing well in Melbourne. ;)

Hi JustBe,

Thanks for your comment.

Judging by the way you phrased the question, I was once given a guide, go to and sort by price. I would like to direct you to the priciest suburbs if you want something 'desirable'. This is probably most applicable to your situation.

Bear in mind that all crime happens in the west and north, eastern suburbs are not at all congested and you can travel from Noble Park to the city in morning peak traffic by car in 15 minutes. Apex is a myth, a girl did not get stabbed in Doncaster in broad daylight, carjackings only occur in Werribee/Sunshine/St Albans and only trains on the Sunshine and Werribee lines break down.
We did the exact opposite of what I suggested to you, btw. But we're big time masochists. Or tight arses. Probably both.

Suburbs can be a contentious issue, much like choice of religion, operating system, choice of cars. I tend to go against the grain, so I'm not too certain I can offer any useful advice to you.



  1. U guys are back on! Hmm, may I know how to pte msg u? Of cos only if u are willing to... (I hope u are! ��)

  2. Just a note, I will not respond to those asking random questions, but do not wish to have the questions published. So I have deleted those comments.


    1. hey s, read your blog prior to our move from sg last august (my wife made me and i'm glad she did) and followed your recommendation and bought a subaru liberty. that said, are you still in the car servicing business? need someone trustworthy to service a subi.

  3. S, thanks for your reply! Our case is a bit sensitive, hence I can't really have the questions published. But I also understand tat u can't be replying to every single one who left u comments, so it's ok. Maybe we can link up if we ever make the move, and just chill over a drink. It'll be nice to talk to fellow Singaporeans when we are new to the place. Oh, I was from comm studies too!

  4. Dear S,

    I have lodged my visa and after grant, I plan to migrate to melbourne around in Jan. I would like to check things about rental.

    As I am single and coming alone, my plan is to stay in places like from airbnb for 2-3 weeks and then look for apartment. My budget is 300 per week for one bed room apartment.

    1) Is it feasible to rent an apartment from without having the job first?

    2) I am aware that they have 100 points check to qualify the tenant. If I can provide the good bank statement, will they consider as exception for not having the job and rental record?

  5. Hey! I just read your story, and I feel a lot more hopeful in my journey that I've just embarked on. Well, I am a teacher, based in India. I've completed my ielts and secured the required result. On June 1st aitsl sent me the acknowledgement email. It's been almost two months and I was told to wait for two and a half months. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me if aitsl will send me the result via email or post. The latter will take three weeks to reach me, or can I phone them and get my result. If aitsl okays this then the big part of the process is done.

  6. hahaha. hole in your cheek yet? assuming it was all sarcy

    1. Ian, what can I say? It's best that each reader takes it the way he or she prefers ;)


  7. Hi!

    I have been reading your blog silently. Thank you for the very informative posts!

    I have reached a point in time, where i have exhausted all my means to migrate:
    1) My occupation can only be nominated by ACT (Management Consultant), pending VETASSES assessment by Sept/Oct 2016.
    2) I have a pending full application at Canadian Provincial Nomination Programme, results due Sept 2016.

    If all else fails, i won't hesitate to spend 20-30k AUD to do a TAFE diploma in Feb 2017. I have been talking to Tasmania TAFE over their Enrolled Nursing course. My application is stuck because TasTAFE decided to freeze all applications until they update their course modules.

    You had mentioned that there are some trades that are well in-demand, and make pretty good money. Whilst i'm not going to repeat my lifestyle of 70-hour work week with a full-time job and tuition at night, I am certainly curious to which trades in AU are in-demand.

    Could you advise which trades were you referring to in your previous posts?

    Yes, i am restarting my career, so i am not going to come to AU or Canada with the typical SG mindset. I am also considering Enrolled Nursing and Carpentry. Yes, i have spent 5 years saving up xx thousands for this big project in life.

    This information will contribute towards my decision-making. You won't need to be responsible nor be implicated in my decisions. This is my style of planning, where i have "pet projects" ahead, with a "safety net" to buffer me when my "pet projects" fail.

    a little bit about myself:

    It's been 4-5 years since i wrote to Nix. With all my debts cleared and my mother has given her blessings, I am all ready to go. The only people holding me back is my 2 O levels students. I'm a private tutor at night, and i dont want to mess up their grades by leaving now, hence the Feb 2017 arrival in AU / Canada.

    Thank you in advance!


  8. Well, that was helpful! In that case, I'll be sure to look into the West and North as a little excitement never hurt anyone. I do tend to enjoy a leisurely drive into the city; 15 minutes sounds a bit quick for me. Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to leave my car out in those locations to increase my chances for a carjacking, those are always fun. And perhaps Hopper's crossing would be the best starting point for a scenic train ride since it is so prone to malfunction.

    Seems like we're not too much different anyway, who knows, may run into you during one of the infamous breakdowns on the western lines, or if we're really lucky, in the midst of a carjacking.

    Anyway, I really just wanted an insider's POV into some suburbs, and since you have somewhat backwardly given me one, I must say thank you!
    I suppose I understand where you're coming from; there are tons of people on here just looking for some easy info instead of looking for it themselves, so judging by my simplistic question structure you assumed I just wanted some spoon fed info. Anyhow, we will draw our own conclusions nonetheless once we have done our own recce. Appreciate your reply to my question, and I wish you guys happy travels. :)