Saturday, 5 March 2016

God helps those who help themselves, so why should we bother?

Hi everyone!

This post is partially inspired by some of our readers, as well as one of our friends, who has recently got an employer to sponsor him for a work visa in New Zealand.

We get a lot of queries on our blog. Once upon a time, when we could be bothered to blog, and to answer these queries, we did. But there came a time when we realised, why should we help those who spent so little effort to help themselves?

To be sure, some of you have done quite a bit of your own research, and want a bit more inputs. Others actually chip in, although you angels are relatively few and far between.

More about our friend. I won't even mention which industry he is in. It doesn't matter which industry you are in, it only matters that you bother to help yourself.

In short, he is based in Sg, has sent in numerous job applications, and I believe he has landed a job after a Skype interview. He has also been trying to apply for a PR in Oz, but has been stymied by IELTS thus far. Suffice to say that he's attempted IELTS quite a few times. I have no doubt that he will eventually have made it, but I am very happy for him that this alternative has came up. He calls it luck, and I can't disagree fully.

The question is, where would he be if he hadn't sent in his 50 or more job applications?

NZ might be the better choice for him. It certainly is a more beautiful place. Residency there comes with work rights in Oz too, should he wish to explore a different environment.

If you are wondering how is the job market in a certain part of the world, what have you done to find out? Have you tried applying for jobs or even just searching for jobs here? I sure hope you have, and maybe you did. But all I see at my end is someone possibly using a semi-dormant migration blog as a first, and possibly, only port of call.

I hope this gets some of you guys thinking. Because while there are useful resources for new migrants, including what this blog once was, a lot of it depends on the individual to put in the effort to find it.

Interestingly, those who have thanked us for writing and claim to have been inspired, tend to be the sort who have only themselves to credit for their success in settling down in Australia. Those whom we bother responding to, usually go away silently.

So pardon me if I speak a few words of truth and can't be fucked spoonfeeding you lot. You are probably better off for it :)

You are welcome!


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  1. Totally agree with you, met a lot of people whom want to migrate but afraid stepping out of their comfort zones, etc.