Monday, 7 March 2016

A letter from a reader

Hi S,

Many thanks for sharing your email and your reply.

I am ok for you to publish the replies in the comment, would like to share the information with others should anyone else need it.

I have quite a number of questions to ask so I’ll just reply you via email, if that’s ok with you.
No hurry but do hope you have time to reply.

A little background, I am from the IT profession for most of my career, SAP consultant to be exact.
However, i truly enjoy more hands on work, and i have a passion for cars, engines, etc.
I also don’t mind getting down and dirty with regards to that.
My initial career plan was automotive engineering, but how I never got to doing that is another story altogether.

Here are my questions:

1. Which TAFE centre did you attend? I will be based in Melbourne too, Narre Warren.

I attended Menzies Institute of Technology. No comments. They're alright I guess.

2. Are there a lot of jobs available for car mechanic/tyre tech?

There are plenty of jobs around, the last I checked. But they are not too easy to land. The old cliche: Attitude determines your altitude, will apply

3. Is the income ok being a car mechanic/tyre tech? Can have a comfortable living? I’m not expecting to be a high income earner but just wondering if the income will be comfortable for a typical family of 3.
Would you mind giving some indicative figures of how much I can earn?

I would say it's not ok. You will be lucky to start at 40k per annum before tax. Although your tax rate will be low, given the low income and tax reliefs from having 3 kids. I hope your spouse intends to earn more than that...

If you are doing well and have a couple of years under your belt, you will be looking at 50 ish to 60. About the same as average non-managerial, non-professional office jobs.

4. What is your career plans? Are you still a tyre tech and plan to continue pursuing this direction?

I prefer not to disclose my plans for the future. But I've left that trade for good.

5. What are your overall thoughts on being a car mechanic/tyre tech, now that you have been doing it for some time?

Don't go for it. Have fun youtubing and wrenching on your own cars instead! Or gardening, home DIY, etc

6. Other than Certificate 3 in Automotive, what other related TAFE courses would you recommend?

If you choose to ignore everything before this question... I would study up till diploma level, just for the heck of it. It won't do much good though.

Please read all our earlier articles. It will give you a better clue. If you are the primary applicant under 189 visa, I will say don't even bother with this trade. Go into building or something. You will probably pay over 10 grand for your piece of cert, make it count.
7. Do you have any church to recommend? Are you attending an AOG based church? i’ve attended Hillsong in downtown Melbourne before but now that would be way too far.

I have been told that Narre Warren is not far from the city, so I'm not sure what you're on about. It's only on Sunday with no traffic anyway...

I'm not sure what is AOG-based, and no we do not attend church these days.

We used to attend a church in Springvale. I will not be so presumptuous as to recommend a place of worship to a stranger, so this is as far as I will go. No misgivings about them. They might even hook you up for work at a small workshop in Nunawading... If you have any issues then, check back with me again :)

Apart from that, trust all is going well with you and the missus.

Now that we have actually started our migration i.e. selling our house, quitting our jobs, etc, reality has set in and it is so different from just reading blogs and thinking of migration.

It is exciting but truly scary as well, which is why i have the utmost respect for people like yourselves.
Im sure you know exactly what i mean and how I feel.

Many thanks again S for your time, very very much appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. I stay in Narre Warren South and has been here since Jan 2016. Probably we can link up :)

  2. Hi W,V,

    We're in the wild west. If you are heading far enough this way, we could meet at Tastygate near Werribee station. :)


    1. Hi S,

      Meeting you and A is on agenda :)
      Thinking of linking with this Sg family staying at Narre Warren as we have also arrived in Melbourne in Jan this year. We are also a family... of slightly enlarged size... 4 kids.

    2. Hi both,

      Definitely can meet up if all are keen.

      We will drop a note once we are there in August :)

  3. Hi guys. Hope everything is well on your side. Just worried since I havent heard from you for a while. Anyway take care and hope to hear from you soon!