Thursday, 17 September 2015

Response to query from Zg

Hi there,

My name is Z, i have been reading and loving your blogs. Not only its resourceful, its also encouraging. 
For the same reason, i too have planned to migrate to Australia. I am doing it not only for me, but for my children too(aged 9 & 8). Hated the school system here!!! Pitied my children...not to mention rising numbers of students commiting suicide due to stress. 
Unfortunately, i am unable to pursue my dreams so soon as i have bought a BTO flat 3years back which will be ready in a month or two. To make matters worst, i can only sell the house 5 years later. I cant back out too or i will have to pay back eveything in cold hard cash!!! What a luck!! 

Now i need an advise or two you and hope you are able to assist me.

1) do you reckon i apply my PR on my third year or fourth year before selling my house in the fifth year?
2) i am a single mom, is it easy to apply PR for them too? Is the education there far way better?

I grew up in a negative, and rigid minded siblings and parents which i hated. I am so different from them all...making it short, i was given away when i was young and thus the difference between me and my real family. They are sure never to support my decisions and will think my plan is never gonna work out and i am going to prove them wrong. I will make it happen and sigh!! Only five years later!!

I am going to do some research, study before the day comes. Is there any advise that you could give on how or what should i take note of and etc?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Warmest regards,

Hi Z,

Thanks for your compliments. Many who migrate here do it primarily for their children. Those who have kids, that is.

Let me offer my 2c on your situation. I am not gonna update myself on the relevant rules and regulations from either country, so please do your due diligence and take what I'll say with a pinch of salt.

1. The sooner you apply, the more points you have (due to age). If your skill is on the SOL right now, don't delay. Remember, you can seal the deal by landing in Oz, pass the immigration, and get back on the first plane to Sg. But you may wish to spend a bit more time to reccee the place and do more research on the ground since you visited Oz to validate your PR.

Remember that to automatically qualify for the Returning Residency Visa (informally also called 'renewing your PR'), you need to spend a cumulative two years in Oz within your first five years of PR-ship. I'm sure you will figure how to manage your time.

If you were to work and live in Oz and someone else stays in your HDB during the period, I reckon you will be able to clock your MOP. Basically MOP means that you shouldn't rent out your HDB LEGALLY to someone else. Apparently you could, but that will effectively extend your MOP. I leave how you will clock your MOP to your imagination, but trust that I have got you thinking of some other creative ways around it. Or just leave the flat empty.

2. You being a single mum is unlikely to have any bearing on PR. I can't comment on education here, but A Singaporean in Australia seems to have more to say on that. Check out his blog.

My TAFE was a little shitty, but it got me my job. Generally there is less of a culture of excellence in Oz, especially in administrative and educational fields. Part of the package. You get less stress here too. Choose your poison.

Since you read our blog and didn't really seem to ask irrelevant questions, I reckon you're on the right track. Just ensure your skill is on the SOL, or if not, get cracking asap. Also do check out burn and drink DIBP's website and the more popular migration blog - A Singaporean in Australia. Also read the website of your skills assessment authority. E.g AITSL if you are/wanna become a teacher, Engineers Australia if you are an engineer, or VETASSESS if you are in one of the many occupations assessed by them.

There is no shame in engaging a migration agent if you need one. A's case was clear cut and she's mighty detailed, so we managed relatively ok without one. I can't recommend any migration agents though, and those agents who keep trying to advertise in the comments sections, kindly get fucked :). Unless you want to negotiate an advertising fee first.

- S


  1. Hi there, i just moved over from SG to Melb with my kids around same age...mid-primary sch. Education is a broad term in my opinion. In OZ, education in primary schools are focused on social life skills and scenarios. Don't expect SG style - homework, tests etc. Kids go to school, enjoy, socialise and "educated" in a different style. Yes, OZ is backwards in English/Maths/Science etc in terms of rules of the book, but kids here behave and speak much smarter than kids in SG. If education you wish to tally close to SG style, then spend extra $$ send kids to KUMON tuition class. My kids are really enjoying the lifestyle here, they are young and will adapt to new environment better than us adults. Single parents on PR gets social support from OZ Govt in quite a lot of things upon application and verification by govt agency - Centrelink.

    Approach a migration agent in SG to seek initial advise on your eligibility to apply PR. I did mine about 5 years back from this agency called "AIMS IMMIGRATION @ international plaza" very good back then, took 2 weeks upon lodgement to OZ immigration dept, to get my PR approved. But the preparation stage, like taking english tests, submit documents etc took about 6 months (depends on how fast you've got em) . Paid all in approx $4,800 SGD back then. OZ govt dept fees are quite ex, around $3k SGD as application fees during lodgement back then.

  2. S, when you said your TAFE was shitty, would you mind elaborating? I'm also moving to Melbourne and considering a TAFE course but at this point in time I'm very much at the preparation stage. Got my PR a year back (after a good dose of sweat and tears) and intending to move in couple of years. As for ZG, if you would like tips on the whole process you could drop your email here and I'll contact you. cheers.

  3. hi...

    is this blog still going on live ?
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    1. Comments are moderated, and I publish them occasionally, when I feel like it...

      I guess you can call it: Dormant? :)


  4. Hello guys, I can't find any contact details on your blog - it could actually be me being very dim :-) saw a couple of comments that the blog is now dormant. we'd love to discuss either taking over the blog (purchase) or working together :-) Even a generic email would be nice to make contact.

    1. Hi. We cherish our privacy. Leave an email (it won't be published) with more details about yourself. Then we can discuss this further