Friday, 13 February 2015

On the warparth Part 1: A letter to the ombudsman

Some people never learn that I am not someone to be fucked around with. I've had it with my employer's bullshit, and he's gonna have something coming his way.

Apparently there's a government body for people to complain to about everything. I'm not sure how long my complaint will take to reach someone, but I will ensure that it eventually does.

Here's the email to the Victorian Ombudsman, Agony Uncle extraordinaire:

Good day Sir/Mdm,

I have been working part-time at (xxxxxxx), a recent start-up workshop located at (xxxxx), ABN (xxxx999999)

More often than not, I am paid late, and to date, I have not seen one cent of Super in my Super fund. Whenever I ask him about my Super, the boss says “later”.

I am sick and tired of this rubbish, but I don’t know who I can turn to to resolve this situation.

As far as I know, none of my co-workers have received their Superannuation. Only my former supervisor, who has left the company for more than two months ago now, has reportedly been paid. Even then, the super was paid out very recently, and certainly delayed by half a year if not more.

If any clarification is required, I may be reached at (S's mobile).


In Part 2 of this series, maybe I'll call the Australian Tax Office. In part 3, if it gets to that stage, I might talk more about my job. Then again, I must confess part 1 & 2 are more for my pleasure than yours.


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