Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Air purifiers... Don't say I never share.

I logged in from my SG eBay account, so the prices are in SGD and the shipping cost is accurate.

This would cost about $500-$800 in SG, but you get 'support' and no need to buy a transformer. $500 is special offer price according to my friend, who appears to have a lower-end model than this.

You will need to use a transformer. Refer to this post.

Or, try this one from Australia:

240V, so all you need is a travel adaptor. But it costs more due to shipping.

But seriously, the PSI is good leh. I've been checking, out of curiosity. So why are so many of you guys visiting our blog? :)



  1. Hi, thank you for sharing about air purifiers. Although the official starement showed that the average PSI is good, most of us could see that visibility is not good and kids are getting sick. We wouldn't want to take any risks

  2. the readings are just numbers. like aboved mention we all can see and SMELL for ourselves. trust your nose eyes rather then some heavily censored readings website

  3. Hi! I bought the aussie one about about a week ago after seeing this post and just had to comment to thank you for sharing this! It was a pretty good deal for less than $300 and there's no need for a transformer, plus I received two :O (not sure if they sent it wrongly though!) Thank you again for sharing!