Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rediscovering the Kampung Spirit

I first saw this post in Facebook group SG Kongsi (Australia), and was granted permission by its author to share it here. - S

Contributed by SGinMelbourne

Just want to share my feeling with regards to what is happening in Australia, especially over here in Melbourne. As many of you are aware, we are experiencing many days of heat waves.
This afternoon, Melbourne commuters could not get home as train lines were cancelled. One of the many lessons I learnt about integration of being a migrant is sharing the "kampong spirit".
In today scenario, we offer to a lift to a colleague who could not go back home. It is a simple gesture but people appreciate. in 2011, during the Brisbane flood crisis, I was involved in some disaster recovery but that is another story which I don't want to blog it down here.
This is not a show off thread but to tell us that a crisis can bond people or break people. This is also not a thread for us to use this sort of opportunity to shed crocodiles tears and pretend to help. What I am trying to say when we show the "kampong spirit", we can make an impact for the locals and integrate with them.
One of the recent example of how bonds and trust are broken during crisis was shared by some fellow Singaporeans. Last year, Singapore was hit with a bad haze. Some of his FT colleagues flew off to "holiday destinations" that are not affected by the haze, leaving the problems and work to be done by the Singaporeans.
Again, this is not a hate thread but it show that if people are in a country for economy benefits, when crisis comes, they disappears. That is why many young Singaporeans are frustrated and coined slogans like "NS for locals, (to protect everyone including FT that runs away) and jobs for FT"
If we really want to be integrated with Australians, BE with them in their UPs and DOWNS and you find them accepting you more and even defending you in time of need.

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