Monday, 6 January 2014

Public transport fare increases, and more fines. Tuck Yew, what the Tuck???

Just hours after my previous post about the Tanah Merah Coast Road to Changi Naval Base quagmire (apologies that some of you didn't know what CNB stood for. It's Changi Naval Base, and yes, I used to work in the Republic of Singapore Navy aka RSN), I saw a post on my Facebook feed from TOC. The original article was by Today.

Basically, Tuck Yew and friends decided that it would be a good idea to fine bus operators for delays. up to $4000 for each 6-second delay. Conversely, they could get rebates if the buses ran on time.

I don't know what Tuck Yew and his minions are doing. One can only surmise that fines will fall under "operating costs". Which is why SMRT and SBS recently sought approval to jack up their fares recently.

Fines for SMRT seem to have had no effect. Even PM's presence on Downtown line couldn't prevent three breakdowns in the week after its opening.

How about this suggestion, from one ex-Navy man to another?

Tuck Yew, you can really Tuck up those errant public transport operators by BANNING FARE INCREASES, in lieu of fines. How's a six-month BAN ON FARE INCREASE sound? Not much, to irate commuters. But imagine the ban duration stacking up. Soon, it could be YEARS before they are allowed to increase fares. I'd imagine that to be way more effective than fines, which I assume would get passed on to commuters in the next fare hike.



  1. WTF, have the tucking Minister even thought about it thoroughly ?

    Supposing what if there is a big traffic jam which is none of the bus driver's fault. So does it mean the bus driver has to submit a written report explaining why there was a big delay in order not to be fined ? And instead of concentrating on their driving, bus drivers will then be burdened with extra responsibilities as if they have so much free time to spare ?

    If the bus companies got fined, so what ? Sure it will not come out of the CEO's pocket, neither will the CEO be sacked either. Will they simply blame bus drivers ? And what is next ?

    Maybe our Minister ate too much pig brains when he was younger ?

  2. expecting some new information on your life in New year. :)

  3. People should now be aware that fining a public transport companies only means fare increases for the public. The money collected will be used to feed the astronomic wages of the ministers. A better solution will be docking the CEO pay whenever such things happened just like docking our pay when we are late for work.

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