Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Our adventures around Melbourne

Hey everyone,

Some of you may be wondering what we have been up to. Here are a few random pictures, and I hope the captions are descriptive enough.

View from the summit of Mt Feathertop, Victoria's second-highest peak. It's a 20km return hike from the trailhead, so good hiking shoes are critical for this.
Camping by Lake Catani. I've noticed that the Wikipedia picture looks remarkably similar to mine.
This is one of the rare campsites with free camping AND hot showers.
Mt Buffalo's picnic area with scenic hut. A far less gruelling experience than Feathertop, with the carpark just 50m away from the picnic area, and the summit a mere 20 minutes leisurely hike away. The view from the top is more of the same, except that it is a pretty nice 360-degree view.
Bike path by the railway.
Most railway tracks here have a parallel foot/bicycle path, which is useful for those who don't mind sacrificing a bit of speed to avoid jostling with traffic along the main roads. 
Lake Eildon at dawn.
Lake Eildon is a popular destination among locals for camping and watersports.
Driving the scenic Skyline Road from Lake Eildon to the town of Eildon.
Car camping at Eildon. Camping gear is very cheap in Oz!
The red containers are petrol jerrycans, though we have not needed the extra fuel thus far, on our trips.
Australia is truly a haven for lovers of the Great Outdoors like ourselves! We are starting off with easy campsites and relatively easy hikes and trips, but there are really remote areas for those who are 'hardcore' outback types. Though we suspect fresh migrants from Singapore won't reach that stage anytime soon.

The pictures were taken with a Canon S100 compact (identical to the camera that took this manta picture - I have two of these cameras), and my Sony Xperia Z. No editing, except for auto-levels on one pic, blurring of number plate, and watermarks.

I'm not sure what else you guys want to know. Do drop a comment below and we'll try to post more stuff that you might actually be interested in!

- S


  1. hello, not sure if you still remember me bird, one of the 'pioneer' readers..I am back in sg..starting to work full time with unavoidable OTs..no choice
    Very impressive photos!! I strongly recommend you to visit two dead Volcanic park-Mount Eccles National Park & Mount Napier State Park- about 1.5 hour drive from great ocean road-on the way to Grampian National Park

  2. I'm not sure which Bird you are. I know a "bird", and many cocks. If you are that "bird" or otherwise somehow know us, do buzz via FB.

    But either way, we happen to be planning a trip around that area again. Will give your suggestions serious consideration. Thanks for the contribution! :)