Friday, 6 September 2013

Congratulations! You have been granted a permanent visa...

... which allows you to travel to and remain in Australia indefinitely. You may wish to learn more about living in Australia. Further information about living and settling in Australia, including the Beginning a Life in Australia booklet and the Form 994i Settlement information for migrants to Australia, is available on our website at
Your entitlements to government services
You may be able to access a range of services offered by the Australian Government such as benefits from Centrelink or Medicare. The department of Human Services delivers a range of social and health-related payments and services. Further information about the range of services that may be available to you and your eligibility to access them is available at
About your visa
You have been granted a permanent visa which allows you to remain in Australia indefinitely. This visa allows you to travel to and enter Australia as many times as you want until _______. If you wish to travel to Australia after this expiry date, you will need to apply for, and be granted a Resident Return Visa (RRV). Further information is available on our website at

Finally, we got confirmation of our PR grant from the DIAC. We are very grateful for this, as well as support from our friends and readers through our migration journey.

This marks the end of our quest to become Australian PRs, but it is just the beginning of the next stage of our lives. Do follow us on our blog, and for those who intend to 'follow' us to Australia some day, we hope that we can also offer support and guidance (at least for the path that we have covered thus far) in your journey. 

Some of you guys are interested in our detailed timeline for the application process. A will be following up on this in a day or two. Stay tuned...

- S


  1. Wow! Congratulations!! What a wonderful day it is;)
    I discovered your blog last night and I would like to say how nice it is for you to share so much valuable information and the drive you have to make a better future for yourselves. I am in the midst of sitting for the IELTS, we are Singaporeans who presently teaching in another Asian country after more than a decade teaching in secondary schools in Singapore. We see many parallels in your story and ours. Thanks for sharing so generously. Wishing you are great journey ahead.

    1. Hi Iniana,

      Thanks! Good luck with your IELTS!


  2. Congrats. Welcome to Melbourne. The Singaporean contingent here grows more numerous every year.

  3. hi , im currently a jc student who may retain / ive been searching many places on how to decide if i should go poly or retain. but i couldnt find such a thing. could you help, since you were once a jc teacher? i would really liked to hear from you as your views are often ver balanced and true. Thank you!

    1. Hi TykiMikki,

      Thanks for your comment. First off, I was a Secondary School Teacher before, not a JC teacher. However, I have been through JC myself so I may be able to help. In order to help answer your question regarding the decision to "go poly(technic) or retain (in JC)", you will probably need to answer a few questions first so that I have some context:

      - Are you in J1 or J2?
      - How many subjects are you failing in?
      - How do you feel about the culture of your JC / are you adapting to your environment / have support of friends etc?
      - Have you consulted your existing tutors/parents/principal on the matter?
      - Have you spoken to existing students from polytechnics on what student life is like?
      - Have you considered what course in polytechnic to take / what options you have based on your existing results?


      There are probably a dozen more questions

    2. Hi TykiMikki,

      S here, can't help butting in as well...

      - What have you considered doing when you grow up? If you have an idea and there is a relevant diploma, the answer is quite simple
      - Why are you doing poorly? No need to tell us, but be very honest with yourself here. Is it laziness, lack of motivation? Or that you are truly not academically inclined? Have you already put in your best efforts?

      If it's due to a lack of trying (etc), and you carry that attitude over to poly, the change of scenery will not help you at all.

      Having said that, my guess is that a half-baked diploma result is still better than failing or even scraping through your A-levels. That's worth considering.

      I have friends who did both poly and JC, after dropping out of JC. One of them did very well in Poly and went on to secure a bond-free scholarship at NTU, where he did well too. But that's because he had some idea of what he wanted to do with his life, and worked hard accordingly


  4. Ex-JC teacher here and in HQ now. Just wanted to know if you landed a teaching job too? What was your experience like? :) I'm done with medicals. Just waiting for the case officer to be assigned and to get the character clearance done.