Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Neurotic Ramblers are on a Scuba Holiday! Bloop bloop bloop.

Hello Readers, if you are wondering why you haven't heard from us for some time (after intensive blogging in May and early June), we are actually holidaying in the Philippines at the moment! Despite not having posted anything new, we were pleasantly surprised to receive more than 2000 pageviews over the last 5 days! Thanks for reading!

So far, we have blogged about politics, education, migration, social issues and other random interests. We have yet to blog about another of our common interests - scuba diving. In time to come, we will also be doing some blog posts on our scuba pursuits. Presently, our modest 100+ logged dives have covered beautiful dive sites in Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia and now Philippines. We will also be doing a PADI divemaster course later in the year.

Ramblers (first and second from left) and friends at Pescador Island.

Whale Shark swims over A at Oslob, Cebu. Photo by S
Suddenly, 6.9 million doesn't sound so crowded anymore.
Sardines form a defensive ball at Pescador Island, Philippines. Photo by S

P/S: As for readers following my posts on migration, stay tuned! The next round of PR invitation by Oz Immigration is on 17 June (the day we return to Singapore after our holiday) and I am hoping to get invited during this round!! Excited!

- A

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